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馃寪KING ROLEX Cosmic Datona




馃寪KING ROLEX Universe meter Datona all department boutique delivery

KING DAYTONA is the best and most comprehensive on the market!

Real 12.3-12.4mm Dandong 7750 Ditona!

High quality, hot!

KING is the real purchase of the original authentic white panda Di after the split one by one development copy! On the Dandong 7750 movement base, the whole table is optimized in all aspects of data details!

KING Ditona highlights are as follows:

1. Use genuine substitute grade duplicate dial! A number of dials have original genuine control development! Dial literal is definitely a copy of the world’s boutique! Welcome to PK comparison! Absolute best in the market!

2. Shell 904L fine steel grinding manufacture! The connection of the strap and the watch head is to modulate with the heart, and the precision comparison of the flat and high is genuine! White steel, white gold, gold, rose gold, its corresponding strap, the case, are different, the details are complex, KING’s craftsman spirit, special attention to details! Not comparable to other 7750 movement manufacturers!

3, steel bezel or ceramic ring or rainbow diamond ring, are boutique boutique, completely the highest level of the market! Especially the difficult rainbow diamond ring, pure natural color stone, can identify the certificate!

4. Dandong Select grade 7750 low tube movement, through excellent assembly and debugging, to ensure the accuracy of travel time! At the same time, KING’s after-sales service is very good! Ensure customer satisfaction, sales comfort!

5. The table of other manufacturers in the market has so far been thin and stolen in the glass and the bottom cover, and the shell body is thick! Change the darkness! Only KING’s Ditona, through accurate research of genuine products, has achieved the best coordination in all aspects!

6. Platinum version of the steel belt and rose gold steel belt and shell, are different from white steel and gold! Other manufacturers on the market 7750 Daytona shell body is different from KING’s product. Please pay attention to the genuine details!

All aspects of KING Datona are high quality requirements, and equipped with excellent after-sales service! Trustworthy!


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