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Audemars 15710 The King of Diving




IPF creates a classic – Audemars 15710 King of diving! 3120 integrated movement to create the strongest internal and external reproduction
1. The case is polished many times, just to match the angular data, and the material feels the same;
2. The strongest movement splint grinding, special color 18K rose gold automatic color support;
3. The most humanized flexible head buffer area to ensure the original design;
4. The most three-dimensional and neat disk “cookie texture” guarantees that it is exactly the same as the genuine one:
5. The most durable night light and the most consistent internal scale, IPF hits the key point.
6. Adopt the original consistent assembly structure to achieve subtle consistency!
7. The pointer closest to the original, the cutting surface is sharp and neat without burrs;
8. The closest to the original calendar magnifier, the most transparent market;
9. The strongest blue sapphire mirror is transparent, and plated with anti-vertigo anti-reflection coating;
The most important movement: The use of one AP.CAL.3120 movement, functional stability, power storage original consistent 41 hours, consistent appearance! The king of diving is back!


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