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Audemars A frosted gold watch




APS15410 new, frost gold watch
Audeube frost gold process is commonly known as hammer gold process, also known as “Florentine finish”. This is a unique and long-lasting decorative process, under the irradiation of light, the fine grooves on the surface of the frost gold process will refract the light, making the entire metal surface as if covered with diamonds, therefore, through this process decorated watches, just gently swing, will emit a gorgeous luster like diamonds, let people love. The frost gold process is formed by the craftsmen’s hammering and knocking, seemingly simple operation, in fact, it is very sophisticated, the need for repeated hammering and observation, after completion, but also for each semi-finished product repeated polishing and observation, is a time-consuming and laborious process, of course, from the moment the final effect of the watch is presented, the effort spent is also worth the money.


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