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Audemars Royal oak offshore type




JF 馃寪 (Audemars Royal Oak Offshore model) was born. This watch is made of 42 mm steel case, waterproof gasket visible outside, timing function with tachometer scale, and the highest waterproof performance of the chronograph at that time, the drawing of the ring edge, through the top grinding technology, so that every trace of every line is uninterrupted, every hex screw is in the same plane with the watch frame, refusing a single bit of highlight and dip. The interpretation of what is the top of the reproduction process! The dial with Audemars classic large plaid as the background, a layer of distinct grid arrangement, after perfect polishing, will be perfect reflected vividly. Three-point calendar dial, under the action of sapphire glass concave lens, TPE expansion effect and the original general no two. Each size watch, no matter from all points of view there is no burr phenomenon, which solves most of the obsessive-compulsive watch friends have been the trouble! The middle part of the scale and the watch hand are imported from Switzerland luminous powder, each individual is manually filled, the uniform fullness is far beyond the machine filling, the brightness and luminous color are almost the same as the original! In terms of movement, the timing movement of 7750 to 3126 is adopted, the 12-bit small second, the 12-hour timing and 30-minute timing of six and nine positions are perfectly restored to all the functions of the original. After the precision grinding of the JF team, the stability of the basic movement of 7750 is greatly improved, and the embarrassing phenomenon of the timing movement style has been empty! Do impeccable, can be called the ceiling level, welcome the majority of friends taste! Made by JF factory, must be the best


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