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Creating the Rolex Picasso ceramics series




馃寪CS factory Rolex CS factory is dedicated to creating Rolex Picasso ceramics series. Transformed by German AET REMOULD Rolex, CS has studied and compared every detail for 1 year and 8 months to make the most “good” and “elegant” works
This detail features
1.CS uses special diamond tools and advanced six-axis CNC for processing. These two special tools and technologies overcome the technical problems of ceramic cracking and make the ceramics more perfect without any defects. In the details of the use of hand grinding, to achieve delicate and fine, beautiful luster!
2. The English and numbers of “units per hour” engraved on the rim correspond to the color of the dial. The spacing of the white scales engraved on the bezel is consistent. The font is clear and neat with high-end oil filling.
3. The mirror adopts sapphire crystal glass mirror, the pure color is not coated clearly and thoroughly, the sapphire glass mirror is more scratch resistant, and a good mirror can improve the texture of the entire watch!
4. Literal features. Ceramic Daytona continues the characteristics of the original Daytona, much the same, slightly changed on the small stopwatch, the middle oil pressure makes the outer ring of the small second disc prominent, more three-dimensional!
5. The word has the most characteristics. The 12-bit crown logo is the original open mold, and the genuine one! The 12-bit logo on the market is round, and there are many burrs, and the overall is long. CS factory excellence, crown 5 points smooth three-dimensional sense, the circle is flat without burrs!
6.CS adopts 7750 single-gear movement, making it easier to wear and adjust the time! The bottom tube time division wheel makes the needle more attached to the dial, vividly restoring the feeling of racing car!
7. The overall thickness of the ceramic case reaches the thinnest 12.4, consistent with the official!
CS factory in every detail study is never sloppy, in the details are required to do the best “good” the most “elegant”! Let customers enjoy a percentage of the wearing experience


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