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Rolex Sea Angel type 126600 Ghost King series




V9 Factory strongest version of Haizang 126600 Ghost King series shock online: 1. Synchro original bottom cover wire drawing delicate, the use of screw in close bottom design is not on the market those small factory fish-eye mixed beads.
2. The ring glow-in-the-dark beads use the original stamping technology, say goodbye to glue, and will no longer have the criticism of falling off. The ceramic bezel also uses the latest original stamping technology, the internal structure is perfectly synchronized with the original, and the rotating sound and strength are consistent with the original. The bezur is fitted with scratch-resistant Cerachrom pottery lettering, and the cast scale and numbers are gold-plated with PVD coating technology to match the 18ct gold material. The dog gnawing teeth of the outer ring are polished neatly and the depth is consistent, with a very good texture, and it will not touch the hand. 3 Polish and polish the side, with texture, and the circular button on the left is the exhaust valve. The crown shoulder guard on the right is designed to better protect the winding crown and the interior of the watch, and the crown is equipped with a triple latch triple waterproof system that can be firmly tightened to the case 4. The only steel head in the market is widened with the original width, more comfortable to wear, and more perfect to look at (the old steel belt is thin and narrow), the buckle expansion structure is perfectly engraved, and the whole table is upgraded to the original 904L steel, the drawing is more exquisite, the texture is more realistic, and the original corrosion resistance and wear resistance level are consistent. 5. Equipped with the original synchronous movement 3235 all-in-one blue spring, the timing function is consistent with the genuine product, and the calendar can be adjusted to store kinetic energy for 70 hours.


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