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EW🌐 Rolex Log type 41 series

Original price was: $26,900.00.Current price is: $2,690.00.


EW🌐 Rolex Log type 41 series
① Exclusive custom 3235 movement, energy storage up to 72 hours, stable and reliable quality;
② Case: the size and thickness are almost the same as the original, and the thickness is only 11.7 (the market version is false at a glance);
③ Literal: polished word nail, top Swiss ice blue luminous, fine shading, color version;
④ Glass: sapphire glass with 2.5 times magnifying glass effect, glass permeability;
⑤ Strap: one-to-one reduction, can be exchanged with genuine;
EW production, the inevitable quality, every extreme details are EW factory ingenuity development sincerity;


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