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ROLEX water ghost




True clean v4 The latest version of the green circle, second kill the original v3 version of the green circle
Exclusive clean v1 version blue circle/same as the original blue purple
Hand sanding stereo hands/No more replacement hands.
Black green/steel water ghost, using AR steel belt.
clean gold strip /AR strip (exclusive 3-section splice head + side no leakage)
Clean Top alternative green dial
clean develops its own blue dial
Full 904L material (true 18k vacuum plating, decolorization free replacement)

There are a total of five styles in this release
116610 (Black/green) Pure steel shell water ghost
114060 (Black) No calendar water Ghost
116613 (black/blue) room gold water ghost
This movement is currently only 3135,2836 shipment time to be determined

Maybe you got more than you ever imagined…
Please look forward to the C factory with you.


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