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JJF Factory AP Audeube Royal Oak series left and right eyes
Model: 26703 running second timing automatic mechanical men’s watch equipped with the original cal.3124 movement diameter: 42mm super luminous
1. The case material selection of 316L stainless steel, through CNC molding forging 42mm diameter, the case after several times after grinding and polishing through the wire drawing process to achieve impeccable, including screws are also consistent reduction
2. The dial literal lattice is scattered and has a strong three-dimensional sense. The thickness and length of the scale line are consistent with the genuine product. The interior of the nail marker is filled with super luminous material. The two sets of small discs are symmetrical, like two small eyes. There are a circle of magnifying rings in the disk surface, and the details are in place.
3. The frosted surface of the rubber strap is very strong. The use of odorless and dust-free imported rubber, only to improve the comfort of wearing
4. The front and rear glass are made of sapphire crystal mirror glass, and the mirror permeability is also very strong. This watch uses 3124 movement, which is very similar to the appearance and the genuine product, and the walking time is accurate and stable!


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