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EW Rolex Submariner 40 Series v2




EW Rolex Submariner 40 Series v2 version (original mold, dimension thickness version)
1⃣️ with Rolex blue spring 3135 integrated movement; Instant jump calendar, calendar bounce, function is the same as the original;
2⃣️ same thickness as original 12.5mm: diameter 40mm; Equipped with C ring, green ceramic bezel; Sapphire crystal watch mirror;
3⃣️ solid central axis; Polished nail; Top Swiss ice blue luminous, consistent with the original Rolex luminous;
4⃣️ high permeability sapphire glass;
5⃣️ top workmanship, each strap and ear perfectly fit, giving the highest comfort of the wrist;
Every extreme detail is EW factory ingenuity development sincerity!!


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