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MKS Omega new disc fly




MKS Omega New Disc Fly, a replica of the strongest Omega Butterfly Fly series watch in history. With elegant thin appearance and simple and generous design, MKS captures every detail and perfectly interprets the classic charm of original elegant business.
The size of the watch is 39.5 mm X10 mm. Literal scale and pointer all inherit the original process, first polishing polishing, and then rhodium plating treatment, to ensure that the luster is permanent, amazing temperament.
[God for details] The plate of Omega resistance LOGO arc in place, the edge of the natural chamfer. Seemingly small and exquisite, not worth mentioning, in fact, the process is complicated, containing the universe.
[God for details] Bottom cover drawing process is consistent with genuine products, embossed Logo location, the highest quality details in the market
[Innovation] The use of super stable Japanese Meyoda 9015 movement, truly zero repair.


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