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New series 126710 GMT




馃寪clean Plant c Plant 126710 GMT

Ceramic circle font detail contrast, 12 point triangle part, top corner, and bottom corner part, sharp corner position
All rounded corners. Consistent with original.
The font part, the depth is only one aspect, the original process is, the bottom of the font is all vertical 90 degrees in the word
The straight body of the body, to achieve this effect, can only mold molding, laser typing will appear beveled to
And a series of problems such as rough shading, falling edge.
The font depth is the same as the original, sinking 0.13mm. In addition, the edge of the font is polished.
Electroplating color is also after digital debugging, most of the market, pure yellow gold, genuine slightly with one
Some red. Visually, it’s a lot more comfortable.

The appearance of the case, all 904L shell body, perfectly restore the whole shell shape of gmt, correct the gmt spin feel. crown
The head also shows the effect of embossed crown 馃憫
The bottom cover is also the same as the original, polished, brushed, and brushed at the bottom of the case. The fit between the bottom cover and the case
Degree, almost the same. The gap between the head and the case can be compared by itself. Inner shadow section, whole series all corrected letters
“R” tail, slightly raised. If you really want to nitpick, it is the inner shadow part, the shading is not as fine as the original
Greasy, limited, domestic laser technology and equipment.

The gmt 126710 introduced by Factory C this time is completely damaged because the first original mold has been opened
Bad, so the temporary purchase of one, the details will be a little different. But in the process of comparison, also
Will be in the way of graphic comparison, will not avoid the light, although the real version of the details will be different
However, the overall process will not have much deviation, and every model in the future will be compared with this true and false
The way to show friends, if there is a change, do not encourage.
Because of the version difference, but the calendar character will be different, this hope to understand, c factory except for ceramics
Bezel making in rows, font printing on the dial, and the calendar are also top priorities. Because of the number of pages
Limitations, not to go into detail.


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