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OMEGA Kinetic Energy butterfly fly

Original price was: $12,900.00.Current price is: $1,190.00.


MKF mid-year masterpiece OMEGA kinetic energy butterfly fly: Diefei series watch head follows the original charm, the overall tone is close, the dial axis of the original solid structure, the dial scale font according to the original mold, super three-dimensional, 6-bit true energy display, the size ratio of the calendar window and the font are the same as the original, MKF successfully developed 8810 movement appearance and the similarity of the genuine reached more than 95%. Equipped with double T shock absorber and black whirlpool balance wheel, the performance is straight to the original, MKF calfskin strap soft and comfortable, no less than the genuine, the buckle also restores all the details of the genuine, difficult to distinguish between true and false. Diefei true kinetic energy elegant series products, absolutely worthy of five-star recommendation!


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