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Piaget POLO series full of stars




CS, the classic in 2023 [Extraordinary craftsmanship meets jewelry inspiration] challenges the limits of luxury – Piaget POLO series is full of stars and shocks the market. The watch is made of 564 Swarovski top diamonds, and the pillow case is plated with 18-karat gold. Perfect presentation of authentic luxury brilliant style. [Case] Pillow case, with a micro-arc shoulder, each finished case is carefully selected by QC quality inspectors, in the jewelry inlaying process. In order to achieve the original effect (neat, uniform Mosaic style). The 78 top-quality artificial diamonds on the case must be made by a jewelry setter in one go. [Dial] The valuable dial has a total of 486 top Swarovski. Gemstone size, cut and fire color are carefully screened to ensure consistency. 12 fine scale marks, CNC cutting molding, patiently repaired by watchmakers, and finally mounted on. [Movement] 9015 to Piaget 800P movement, durable, stable quality. [Strap buckle] The embedded strap is closely connected to the shoulder of the watch, making the wearer feel more comfortable and close to the hand.


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