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Rolex Full Star watch




The arrival [color] is extremely luxurious, challenging the new height of reproduction – the perfect restoration of the most expensive Rolex Full Star watch in history – Rolex Greenwich Type II special diamond-encrusted – ROLEX116769TBR-74779B
[Case] Size of the watch 40mm. Made of German top 904L oyster steel. The dial, bezel, case and bracelet are densely encrusted with the finest Swarovski diamonds. Try to restore the invincible texture of authentic luxury.
[Strap] Made of 904L Oyster steel, the Oyster strap was introduced in the late 1930s, consisting of three rows of wide, flat links, extremely strong, the whole body is also neatly and carefully studded with beautiful diamonds, the effect is brilliant.
[Movement] Top Seagull 2824GMT two time movement.


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