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KY makes Omega butterfly fly series




OMEGA Butterfly Fly series of Obis memorial 424. KY factory heavily uses the original copy production, 39.5×9.9mm size, equipped with Japan 9015 and 2892 two kinds of movements! White steel time hand perfectly restore the original, with blue big seconds, we focus on every detail. Case 316L precision steel CNC machining, the shape of the case and the original 99% similar. Special Orbis bear pattern, laser engraving to create a lifelike cute bear cub. The dial is sun ray polished in blue bright paint and decorated with a beautiful Omega teddy bear pattern. The teddy bear logo on the back of the vertical frosted watch is also specially designed for this collection. Bear pattern as well as background color and special enamel finish. The blue dial is completely consistent with the real thing, and the similarity is 100%. [Imported arc sapphire anti-scratch mirror, there are Air ultra-transparent colorless coating. Super transparent. The new butterfly fly steel belt has been updated version, the side thickness of the strap is thinner than the old model, but the feel is more comfortable than the old model. The size of each strap has also changed from the uniform size of the old model to the size of every bar of the strap is different, starting from the head grain, from large to small, processing and assembly process is more complicated, I hope you know this detail change. The belt is made of Italian dark blue cowhide


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